UISG Summer School Express 2018 ( Day 14 )

9 July, 2018

Today is the fourteenth day of Summer School. UISG Summer school runs from June 19th until July 13th from 9am until 3pm.

Early Years enjoying the pools

Early Years making delicious baked apples

Planting Seeds

Cooking pumpkin muffins with the 3-4 year group.

Oscar and Momoka showing off their balancing skills in the swimming pool.

Becoming animal experts through speaking and listening games.

5-6 year olds making a plane collage after reading Eugene the Plane-Spotter.

Learning about the adventures of Phileas Fogg.

The 8-9 year olds created art from Japan - Cherry Blossoms.

Making Tacos at our Mexican Fiesta

The seeds we planted Friday already grew.

Ms. Irina's class for STEM AOC enjoyed making their colourful dragons with Mr. Matthew.

Today AOC Sport was about developing our thinking skills.

In art today our oldest students did some hula hoop weaving using wool, ribbons, and natural materials like leaves and flowers to make some beautiful artwork !


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