Thank You for Making IFOL 2017 A Huge Success!


Dear UISG Community,

Our International Festival of Light on 9 December was a huge success, from the colourful opening Parade of Nations until the final songs by candle light. A great time was had by all.  We were lucky with the weather and there was an extraordinary turnout.  

The day truly represented how strong our community is, with participation from students, parents, friends and staff. A special thank you goes to the UPTA, the IFOL team and committee heads, the performing arts team, the admin team, and all of our teachers, staff and students taking roles and duties, and everyone else who participated. 

To each and everyone, thanks and congratulations for making the IFOL 2017 such an amazing success.

Kind regards,

Dr. Michael Wylie

Head of School | UISG