the Big Virtual College Admissions Fair (18/09/2017)


UISG part of The Big Virtual College Admissions Fair

UISG is proud to announce that our Year 11 and 12 students will get an opportunity to be a part of the The Big Virtual College Admissions Fair.

Attending this fair will help our students clarify their options and give them the confidence that they've made the right choice. What makes this virtual fair so special is that they can participate using a tool they are very familiar with - their smartphone. The event allows students to directly communicate with representatives of colleges of interest using modern techniques they love such as text and video chat, and live streaming all in one sitting. The system makes it easy and quick to get the details they need about their favorite schools so they can make an informed decision and move on to the next great phase of their life!

Choosing a college just got easier.


UISG 大学招生博览会





the Big Virtual College Admissions Fair