UISG Drone Club


UISG Drone Club

In the UISG Drone Club students learn: 

1- The aircraft (Drone), its parts and basic maintenance. 

2- Flying Safety Instructions (very important - top priority)

3- How to fly a drone. 

4- Aerial Photography and Videography - Techniques and Settings 

5- Flying modes such as FollowMe Mode, POI (Point of Interest), TerrainFollow, etc. 

6- Video Editing Techniques and Post Editing in your Computer. 

7- Sharing your photos/videos in SkyPixel or other apps. 

8- Flying Areas 

9- Be informed of events 

10- Partake in School Events Coverage

Students have the chance to use a school drone -under adult supervision- (a huge thank you to the Design Department for lending us their drones!) - and/or bring their own aircrafts.

Interested students will practice flying and share experiences, learn together to fly with their peers, collaborate for future school events by taking live footage and plan different outings at different locations (optional). 

UISG hopes that they enjoy learning this relatively new way of seeing/capturing the world around us from an aerial perspective. 

Happy and safe flying :)

UISG Drone Club

UISG Drone Club

UISG Drone Club

UISG Drone Club