UPTA Meeting September 2018

30 August, 2018

Dear UPTA Parents, 

Our first UPTA Meeting in this School Year will take place :

UPTA Meeting (Sept 2018)
Date September 5th, 2018
Start Time 9:30am
End Time 12:30pm
Venue UISG Dance Studio
on MFH 3rd floor

Attached please see the Meeting Agenda for your information.

Please note: A bus will leave from LIEDE at 8:30am and from CITIC at 8:45am. If you want to request a seat on the bus, please email your request to the Bus office at schoolbus@uisgz.org with subject of "UPTA Meeting bus reservation".

We are looking forward to meeting you all on September 5th.



Today was the first UPTA Meeting of the school year for all parents runned by the UPTA Team. 

We were delighted to see many parents joining us. It was a very important occasion to learn more on our school including exams results, whole school new developments and projects, daily routines in Primary and Secondary, Community Action and Services, Sports, Performing arts, Health and Safety, English support,  ICT...

Many thanks to the UPTA Team for working very hard on preparing this meeting. Minutes will be sent later on by the UPTA.

Looking forward to the second UPTA meeting of the school year on November 28th.


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