Utahloy Alumni Inauguration and UEF Family Day (June 2018)

8 June, 2018

Dear Member of UEF Alumni,

The Utahloy Education Foundation has a long history of international education. We are proud of our Alumni members and it is with pleasure that you are invited to the inauguration of the UEF Alumni and family day. Next school year UISG celebrating 20 years and UISZ 15 years of providing quality international education to students from diverse cultural and international backgrounds.

On September 22, 2018 (Saturday) at 11:00AM in the UISG Multi-Function Hall, UEF will be hosting a celebration to inaugurate members of the UEF Alumni, and we would welcome your attendance. Being an international community, many of you are living, studying or working abroad. We hope you can make the journey. Highlights of the event will include a guest key note speaker, performances from UISG and UISZ students, presentations from members of the school and community and stories from Alumni members. This event will be symbolic as we connect past and present members of our truly international community.

Discovering the life journeys of our Alumni will be a highlight and we hope to see you at this exciting and prestigious event. If you would like to join this event, please register your detail in this link or email to uef@utahloy.com before 31 August.



The Utahloy Education Foundation (UEF) has a long history of international education. On Sep 22, UEF hosted a celebration to inaugurate the UEF Alumni and international community at UISG. As part of the 20 year celebrations the inauguration showcased the enormous work that the UEF schools have achieved.

Students from UISG and UISZ come from a very diverse background however yet unify as one team, the UIS team. It is events such as these which really epitomize the magnificent work UEF schools undertake to develop world leaders through the IB system.

The Utahloy Alumni Association (UAA) was founded in 2015. The original objectives of the UAA are to strengthen the bond between Utahloy graduates from around the world, to embrace the Utahloy spirit and to serve the community.

From now on, you can stay connected with the UAA community by joining the social groups from below:


Don't forget to scan the QR code below to register your detail to our alumni database.



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