Utahloy's Got Talent 2017


PRC Middle School Badminton Tournament in Shenzhen

We have had a staggering amount of interest from the students of UISG. The buzz around the music department has been unprecedented! From 20th to 26th October auditions were held for ‘Utahloy’s Got Talent 2017’ – never before had there been so many contestants. The judges involved in deciding which performances went through to the next round had an amazingly tough task. However, after much deliberation the 16 acts for the final have been chosen.

PRC Middle School Badminton Tournament in Shenzhen


The final for Utahloy’s Got Talent 2017 is just around the corner! Now, the acts that have made it through to the final are busy polishing and perfecting their performances. Who will be crowned the winner of this year’s show? Find out on Thursday 16th November in the UISG Multi-function hall - the final starts at 6 p.m. 

Entrance for the show is RMB30 – proceeds will go to one of our charities. Tickets can be bought on the door by cash or WeChat Wallet.

Don’t miss this!

If you need to use our bus service please notify our bus office (schoolbus@uisgz.org). Mention ‘Utahloy’s got Talent’ in the subject title, the route you require and the number of seats. Please be aware that we are only providing bus services from UISG following the event. You will be expected to arrange your own transport to school. The show will finish at approximately 7.45 p.m.

The following routes will be provided if enough parents have signed up by email, 2 days in advance (before 14th November):

Route A: 

CITIC Plaza and Regal Court

Route B: 

Favorview Palace 

Route C: 

Liede Metro Station (Exit C) and Canton Place

Route D: 

Rhythmico/Summer Palace and Castle Hill

Route E: 

Tonghe Metro Station

See you there!

The Performing Arts Team