Y6 EAL Express (Oct 2018)

19 October, 2018

Design is everywhere and everyday. It doesn't stop at the end of the class but is declined in a series of lunch-time and after-school activities. On these pictures, you can see students involved in the student-led 3D animation club. Lucas (Y12) is currently leading 30 students (from Y9 to Y12) into the maze and wonders of Blender and teach them how to build their own 3D dream house. This AOC builds-up on the 3D modelling skills the students have developed in their D&T classes.

At the same time, 10 students (Y7 and Y8) keep increasing their robotics skills. They have learnt the basics of algorithmic thinking using Scratch in their Digital Design classes and they now take it to another level, working in teams and on different Lego EV3 projects. On the picture, SuKyung (Y8) is experimenting with touch sensors and IR sensors to make an electric guitar actually play sounds!