Year 5 Camp Yangshuo (Oct 2018)

24 October, 2018

Day 4

It has been an amazing week for Y5. We say farewell to Yangshuo and watch the landscape change from rural karsts back to Guangzhou city. We appreciate where our food comes from and the convenience of city life. We can always close our eyes to hear the nature and see the wonders of the karsts in our memories.

Day 3

Day 3 Yangshuo camp: Finally a day without rain! We’ve been busy hiking, biking, rock climbing, caving and scavenger hunting in the village.

Day 2

Last night we went to the Liu Sanjie light and water show. Amazing!


Breakfast this morning:

Day 1

Day 1 Y5 Yangshuo Camp: It was amazing to see the landscape change as we neared Yangshuo. We had an amazing lunch, set up our tents, settled in, went for a night hike and has a restful sleep.