Year 6 Camp Thailand (Oct 2018)

23 October, 2018

Day 4

Hello from Thailand. Sadly, this is our last full day at camp. Many students have told us they wish they could stay longer. The weather has been brilliant. Some of our students will be ending the day with a swim; another group will go kayaking on a lake; the last will be hiking the breathtaking hills of Chiangmai. Tonight, we will celebrate 7 birthdays during our very special Khantoke dinner!

Day 3

The weather has cleared; the sun is out and so is the sunblock! After a musical wake up call, we have set off in our groups. It was a gorgeous day for kayaking, visiting an authentic hill tribe village, building shelters and learning new skills such as archery and Muay Thai boxing!

Day 2

Y6 Thailand Campers were woken by the gentle sound of rain this morning. After a delicious hot breakfast, we separated into our day groups and headed to activities. “Thai people are so friendly!” reported many students. Enjoy photos from day 2 !

Day 1

Y6 Thailand Campers were up bright & early. After a healthy breakfast, we divided into 4 groups of students from all classes & students from the Y6 Zengcheng community. One group went to see elephants, another to the Karen village, and two groups tried a variety of activities such as cooking and Thai Boxing.