Year 8 Camp Dali 2017

Camp started early on the 17th of September, meeting at 5:00 A. M. at Baiyun airport. We spent quite a while checking in but made the plane in good time to take off on the first leg of the journey. The plane took around 2 hours to get to Kunming and our connection to Dali was a further 45-minute flight.

When we arrived in Dali, Yunnan airport, we were greeted by our Keystone Adventure friends; Ryder, Mike and Kat. After getting lunch at a local restaurant, we went by bus to the Gudu hotel, where we are staying. After settling in, our first activity was a scavenger hunt in Old Town Dali. Homeroom 8I decided to split into three groups to tackle the different tasks. Throughout this task, we got to know the different parts of the town and learn about the history of Old Town Dali. Our dinner was in a local Dai Cuisine restaurant where we ate the food with our hands from a wonderful spread of food. Everybody then went to the hot springs to relax before finding out that our group (8I) had come second place in the scavenger hunt. A long but rewarding day.


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