Year8 Camp Dali (Nov 2018)

21 November, 2018

Day 4

Another full day of activities for the students ! A bicycle ride to the nearby town of Xizhou allowed students to sample some of the local culture, including their delicious fried bread. Other groups focused their energies with tai chi. After dinner, the students were given free time - although many of them were so worn out from hiking, climbing, and abseiling that they chose an early night instead! One more day of the 'Amazing Race' to go !

Day 3

Another sunny day in the mountains for our Year 8 campers. Students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local Bai people's culture, experiencing traditional crafts like cheesemaking, basket weaving, and tie-dying fabrics. Others were hiking and orienteering, experiencing the incredible views that can only be found here in the foothills of the Himalayas. After a tiring day of activities, the students had some free time to explore Dali Old Town and sample some of the local specialities - rose flavoured pastries, anyone?

Day 2

We awoke to an amazing view of the mountains as day 2 of the Year 8 camp got underway. After heading out to have some delicious local food for breakfast, students set out in groups to the activites prepared for them. Points for the 'Amazing Race' competition could be scored by students demonstrating the different characteristics of the IB learner profile, and there were certainly plenty of risk-takers to be found! The year group impressed everyone by getting involved and giving things a try, and certainly deserved their buffet breakfast in the evening - with five different flavours of ice cream!

Day 1

The first day of the Year 8 camp got off to a flying start as we touched down in the beautiful city of Dali, Yunnan Province. After a delicious lunch of local cuisine, we were off on a scavenger hunt around the old town, with challenges to be hunted out and beaten! So starts the 'Amazing Race', the competition between teams that will last the whole camp week. Who will be the overall winners from Year 8? Stay tuned to find out!