Year 9 Camp Xiamen 2017


Day 1. We woke up before we heard the church bells ringing. Some of us at 03:00; to make our train to Xiamen. With no regrets we got out of bed though still sleepy from the night before. When we got to Xiamen, we were whisked away to play 'The Go Game', a highly complex and educational scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt lead us around Naputou temple, forcing us to learn about old Xiamen, Buddhist teaching, and other challenges like making video advertisements. Ending the day the Buddhist way, we had a vegetarian Buddhist dinner. An 18 hour day, definitely a tale worth spinning, and a kickstart to Year 9 camp. - written by Issac Ip

Day 2. The year 9s enjoyed and tasted three native Xiamen teas (Tie Guan Yin, Red tea, and flower tea). We tasted the most pure types of tea brewed with our own hands. We learned how tea influenced Xiamen history, the good, the bad, and how it brought the world to China, we went the extra 'li' and design eco-friendly tea packages which would decrease the amount of plastic used. There were some beautiful designs and fantastic slogans made. Overalll, everyone was pleased with the result. After all, what is Fujian without fresh 'cha'? Late at night we had dinner in a world heritage tulou 'Fuyulou'. We had a taste of local Hakka food after a pleasing afternoon with tea and then off to bed exhausted excited for what tomorrow brings. - Written by Jordan Lau. 

Day 3. Group 1: We went to different Tolou asking locals about the history of the buildings and their clans. We made Ciba in huge stone pots and massive mallets, smashing rice and water together. It tasted delicious rolled in sugar and seeds. We went to rice fields and cut some rice ourselves. Then we made a play about our experiences that we shared with the other group later in the evening. - Wriiten by Fred Fu.

Day 3. Group 2: Today we had an amazing day even though we had an early start. Breakfast was at 08:15 in the morning, but everyone was in the groove because we had Nutella and jam on homemade bread for breakfast. As soon as the sugary, might I say heavenly, spread did it's job we all spit eagerly into two groups. 9I and 9G together, and 9S and 9U. For me, I was in 9U and we went cycling. However, it was no ordinary cycling as we had mountain bikes! We had a wonderful time with mesmerising views. The heat was intense and there were times when people took shelter on the coach, but there were also people who looked into the hills and said 'Not today' and pedaled on. Once we reached our destination, a tulou, we stopped to eat lunch and relax. After filling our stomachs (about to explode) with great local food, we went to explore the tulou furher. We then did two activities of painting mud buildings and making scarecrows. I thought the painting was fun, but enjoying making the mid buildings he best because we were tasked to make our own tulou. After that, we cycled back to our tulou that we were sleeping in. We ate an amazing delicious dinner, before ending our exhausting day with many wonderful performances by our fellow peers about Hakka history. - written by Jeet Madnani


Day 4. Group 1: Today we had an extremely tiring day. After breakfast we headed off to the square to get our bikes which we would be riding through the mountains full of trees and crops. It's was gorgeous other than the fact that it was 20km and the most tiring thing ever. We went up the steep hill and flew like the wind as we were going downhill. Although it was tough, we felt very successful after completing this challenge. We also looked for things that would be interesting to paint and draw in a scholars tulou and painted them with water colours. Afterwards, we then made miniature tulous and scarecrows. - Written by Giovanna and Amy. 

Day 4. Group 2: This morning we learned about the different tulou and those people who live in the tulou and their ancestors. We wrote some specifications of tulou, and met Hakka people who were really kind. After that we got on a bus and left Fuyulou and headed to Chuxi to see the tulou museum. We also learned about the Hakka people, and their cultures and customs, how they came to and left the area. Then, we learned to cut the rice stalks, we still worked very hard even though it was really hot, and we learned how to make ciba - it was delicious and good. It was fun! - written by Sophie Nozue.