Year 9 Camp Xiamen 2017


Day 5: In the morning, we separated into groups for the first activity - TuLou design and construction. We needed to use our mathematical skills to work out the area of the tulou and the quantities of materials used in the construction of it. This was great to learn about different things and use our skills. After the first activity, we left chuxi and took the bus for 3 hours. then we came to zhangzhou, we had lunch in wanda mall, the food was very tasty. we checked in our hotel room after lunch. The activity for afternoon was compete a scavenger hunt in Zhangzhou old town, we completed most of the missions even though it was hot and we needed to walk for a long time. It was all worth it to visited the Zhangzhou old town , a pretty place with huge amounts of character. We also had to manage our own money for dinner and make sure everyone had something they liked to eat. - Written by Lily Zhu