You too can save this world, every little action matter!

24 October, 2018

It has come to the attention of Eco-roots that default setting of the printers of this school is to print on only one side (single-sided). The setting is automatic, meaning people have to manually change the setting, which people (students and teachers alike) often forget to do. Single-sided printing when not necessary will consume more paper; it would consume almost double the amount of paper as double-sided printing would. Environmentally speaking it means more trees will have to be consumed to make flimsy slips of paper. Economically speaking it means the school has to pay/buy more for paper. Neither situation would benefit the school or the environment.

To solve this unwanted situation, Eco-roots is suggesting that the IT department change the setting from 'single-sided' to 'double-sided' to ensure that people do not make the mistake of hurting the school's finances or the world's resources. This will be better for both the environment and for the school. If you have any further suggestions, please feel free to contact us. 

You too can also help by putting in those extra few seconds when printing to change the setting from single-sided printing to double-sided printing. Its only a few seconds, but you can halve the amount of paper used and halve the amount of trees cut down. Its that simple. You don't have to be part of Eco-rrots to help save our Earth.

Eco-roots sincerely hopes that everyone will cooperate and, out of the kindness of your hearts, help us save the environment, one small decision at a time. Will you be willing to help us save the planet?

Thank you for your cooperation,