Admission Procedures

Thank you for your interest in UISZ, we look forward to welcoming new students into our school community. Applications are accepted for review at any time during the academic year. If you are interested in visiting the school please email or call us to make arrangements. We look forward to welcoming you to our school.



Students entering the Kindergarten must have reached the age of 3 years and be toilet-trained before entry. All children must be able to attend school without baby bottles or dummies.

Primary and Secondary

Students entering the school will be placed in a grade according to their age. The cut off dates for ages will be set at 1st August of each year.


Children aged 7 years and above at the time of entry to the school are eligible for boarding. Where boarding places are applied for and the child is under the age of 7 at the anticipated starting date, special consideration will be given. This process will involve interviews with parents and the child, as well as discussions with the child's previous school. In the event that a boarding place is offered to a child under the age of 7, this will likely be for a trial period in the first instance and involve some conditions to which we expect that parents will agree and support. This policy is designed to protect the interests of the child and the wider school community.


We at UISZ are proud of our inclusive policy and our non-selective entry criteria. All applicants for all grades are, however, expected to undergo a placement test. This test is designed to provide objective data in order that our teachers can prepare an appropriate programme upon entry. Where parents wish to apply for a grade other than that indicated by our age policy, the issue is referred to the Head of School for consideration. Where a student wishes to apply for entry into Year 12, the application will be referred to the Head of School. We will normally only accept students into Year 12 if they have already completed the first year of an IBDP programme and have studied appropriate subjects. Where a student wishes to apply for entry part way through Grade 11, the application will be immediately referred to the Head of School.

Offer of a Place

The Admissions Department will issue a formal offer of a place from the Head of School. This offer, and subsequent acceptance, signals the opening of a formal student file, and is referred to the Senior Leadership Team.

Starting Date

For students entering the school part way through a school year, if starting school other than on a Monday, confirmation from the Head of Primary / Secondary is needed. A new student orientation programme is currently being developed.

For more information on our admission policy, please see Admissions Package & School Fees for academic year 2016-17