Utahloy Alumni Association (UAA)

The Utahloy Alumni Association (UAA) was founded in 2015. The original objectives of the UAA are to strengthen the bond between the Utahloy graduates from around the world, to embrace the Utahloy spirit and to serve the community.

From now on, you will be able to access the most up-to-date information on all our latest events, development highlights, and much more in the UAA website www.utahloyalumni.com. We will bring you the best networking opportunities in both personal and career-related areas.

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To develop and strengthen ties between our Alumni and UEF by providing diverse tangible benefits including career services, networking opportunities, special events and workshops, and the opportunity to connect with and inspire students and graduates; and, to engage Alumni with future goals, in order ensure that each individual feels welcomed and valued as a member of the Utahloy community.

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Roshan Gidwani - Class of 2008
He is an actor and has been starred in Hollywood film...
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