Welcome to The Dragon House Boarding...

Dragon House is a wonderfully caring community where students are supported in their academic studies at school and in their free time, in this safe and secure environment where each student is highly valued. Dragon House offers opportunities for achievement in knowledge and skills for adulthood. We are able to support high academic achievers as well as those students who require additional support so that they may attain success with their school studies.

The boarding students are housed in Dragon House, a four-storey building a few metres away from the lake. Every floor has 36 rooms (each with its own en suite bathroom) in which four students can live comfortably. All the rooms are equipped with desks and chairs so that students can study in their rooms.

The boarding school is connected to wireless internet facilities and there are computers for the students to use at any time. The common rooms contain televisions and DVD players as well as comfortable furnishings, making them a pleasant place to relax. There are also kitchen areas for snack making and bread, butter, spreads, fruit, juice, milk and cereals are provided freshly every day.

Recreational opportunities for our students are overseen by a resident Boarding School Activities Coordinator. Students have the opportunity to use the table tennis and pool table facilities within the boarding school while also making use of the large swimming pool, extensive gym area, sand volleyball court, sports fields and extensive grounds that make up our impressive campus.

Specialised rooms for ESOL tutorials are provided, along with a dedicated music room where the students have the opportunity to take music lessons and practise playing a range of instruments.

The health and well-being of our students is paramount and, to this end, we have two medical clinics where our two full time nurses can administer medication, necessary first aid or monitor, overnight if necessary, any student requiring constant medical supervision. Doctors are on call 24 hrs per day and we have a number of hospitals in close proximity to the school. We also provide regular doctor visits to the school facilities for both the students and staff.