The primary boarding programme allows the youngest members of the house to settle into the routines in a caring, structured environment. They have a member of staff all to themselves and their homework and activity times are suitable for their ages.
Afternoon tea is waiting on return from school every day and then there are activities after dinner. Boarding school staff dine with the students to ensure they have a balanced diet and to encourage good table manners. After homework is completed, there are structured activities to suit every taste, including swimming, computers, reading and story telling, cookery, games, art and craft, sports in the gym and movie evenings.



The secondary boarding programme allows students increasing levels of choice with regards to activities and free time. Grade 7 to 12 have homework sessions supervised by teaching staff in the school library, whilst our IB Diploma students also have additional tutorials with specialist teachers available to them. A range of activities is on offer each evening within the school sports and games facilities, as well as the boarding school itself. Leadership opportunities are endless and, through this, our family atmosphere is fostered.


Seven-Day Programme:

Weekends are what boarding is all about. It gives students the unique opportunity to be part of an extended family and learn to work and play with friends of all ages and nationalities. The balance of study, on- site activities and trips out to local places of interest enables every boarder to try new things, push their boundaries and have unforgettable experiences with friends.

Students have an opportunity to go on weekly outings, which may include hikes, visits to museums, art galleries and places of historical significance. They are also able to go bowling, to the movies, water parks, on biking trips and have the opportunity to do personal shopping.

During the evenings, the students will be occupied with activities which would be normal in a family environment, going for swims during the summer, watching DVD, playing cards, going for bike rides, playing table tennis and indoor games. It is an opportunity to be part of a big family with our resident boarding school staff.