The Library at UISZ is the focal point for learning.  Our approach is to making the library a centre of learning/research which inspires students and teachers and supports contemporary teaching and learning,

Our goals include the fostering of lifelong learning and of reading for pleasure, the fostering of critical thinking skills, especially with regard to electronic information media, and emphasising the need for students to understand the processes involved in knowledge creation.

Aims of the Library Programme:
Specifically, Library programmes seek to:

  • promote reading and learning for pleasure
  • encourage the practice of using information from many sources
  • foster the six step research method, to respect copyright and to promote original work
  • encourage an awareness of appropriate citation styles
  • assist students through information finding tasks that enable them to critically evaluate and to  work effectively with data
  • encourage the integration of emerging technologies and traditional resources

UISZ Library

In the Primary School there are timetabled sessions.  In addition to time for borrowing, it is an opportunity to introduce students to different aspects of literature, teach specific information skills, or allow students time to locate resources independently for research.

Library book check out restrictions:

  • Grade 1- one week
  • Grade 2 – two weeks
  • Students cannot borrow further books until the currently issued books have been returned.
  • Grades 3-6 - Up to 4 library books can be checked out for a 3 week period.  Books must be returned or renewed by the stamped due date. 

Students are responsible for all books checked out to them.  Any books that are lost, not returned or damaged beyond repair will need to be replaced at the student’s expense.
Where a student loses or fails to return a library book, the following procedure will be put in place:

  • Lists of students with overdue/lost books will be given to the Primary classroom teacher to follow up.
  • For all students, if a book is deemed by the Librarian to be lost, she will send a notification to the Head of Finance as to the cost of replacing the book. This amount will be added to the student’s outstanding school fees.

We are keen to develop our collection of material in Mother Tongue languages and welcome any ideas for specific books that parents recommend we add. 

In the secondary school all English Skills groups have one timetabled lesson in the library a week. As a school, we have 5 different skills classes. These classes range in ability - Skills 1, Skills 2 and Advanced Skills. We know that reading is the key to learning a new language. We want to give students a time dedicated to reading, in the hope that this will create a culture of reading within the school.

During library time, each student has his/her own library folder. In the folder, students have a reading log. Here, they record all books read and how many pages have been read in each book.

They also use this folder to write book reviews, answer questions about characters, make predictions etc. Our aim is to use the student book reviews as displays in the library to promote reading.

These lessons also give teachers the opportunity to allow students to read aloud. This builds confidence and improves pronunciation, vocabulary and tone.

The librarian and teacher librarian assist students in selecting a reading book that is appropriate to their reading ability. The layout of the library has made it easy to identify reading levels and genres and students enjoy looking for books.

This also gives students the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the library. Most students know how to find books, return them to the correct location and understand the different sections in the library.