Our mission is to be a leading IB World School by enabling students to understand our world, act with integrity and strive with zest and courage to be responsible global citizens.


▶ Our Understanding of students guides a holistic approach to learning.
▶ Acting with Integrity, we encourage students to be honest and responsible global citizens.
▶ We Strive to reach our potential in an atmosphere of community spirit, cooperation and inclusion.
▶ Our approach is full of Zest and Courage, empowering students and inspiring compassion, appreciation and empathy towards all the peoples of the world.


Our Community...

The UISZ community consists of more than 25 different nationalities. In a world where borders are disappearing, the mix of nationalities and backgrounds offers a welcome breadth of cultural experiences to the school community. This enables students to develop an understanding and appreciation of the cultural diversity that surrounds them and to have respect for the values of other cultures, races, religions and ways of life.

The school's professional teaching staff has a variety of educational backgrounds and international experience. Staff members are required to undertake professional development courses and be acquainted with current research in education. The diversity of students and teachers encourages the multicultural atmosphere within the school. The low student to teacher ratio creates a family atmosphere and a friendly, caring school community where students, parents and teachers are encouraged to share their views and ideas.