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What is the IB Middle Years Programme?

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP), for students aged 11 to 16, provides a framework of academic challenge that encourages students to embrace and understand the connections between traditional subjects and the real world, and become critical and reflective thinkers. At Utahloy International School Zengcheng (UISZC), the MYP Programme consists of Grades 7-10. The MYP forms a continuum of learning from our Primary Years Programme and prepares students for our rigorous Diploma Programme in Grades 11 and 12.

We are an authorized IB World School for the Diploma Programme and are now implementing the Primary Years and Middle Years Programmes. We are not yet authorized to issue the IB MYP certificate for our students. See page 23 for the certificates and honours students may receive upon graduation from our programme.


The programme:

▶encourages international-mindedness in IB students, starting with a foundation in their own language and culture.


▶encourages a positive attitude to learning by challenging students to solve problems, show creativity and resourcefulness and participate actively in their communities.


▶reflects real life by providing a holistic framework that allows students to see the connections among the subjects themselves, and between the subjects and real issues.


▶supports the development of communication skills to encourage inquiry, understanding, language acquisition, and to allow student reflection and expression.


▶emphasizes, through the learner profile, the development of the whole student–physically, intellectually, emotionally and ethically.



The Central Place of the Student

The programme model of the MYP places the learner at its centre. Our purpose is to educate the whole person, and we place strong importance on student inquiry. MYP students are making the transition from early puberty to mid-adolescence, which is a crucial period of personal, social and intellectual development, of uncertainty and questioning. The MYP is designed to guide students in their search for a sense of place in their natural and social environments. This is shown in the curriculum model where the 5 Areas of Interaction (inner ring) serve as the real world contexts for learning. Rather than teach subject knowledge in isolation, we strive to help students form holistic connections between the 8 Subject Areas (outer ring) to enable students to tackle real-world issues from an interdisciplinary approach.



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