BREAKING - Utahloy Take (May 2021)


Welcome to the first Uthaloy take of 2021, it is exciting for all of us and the participant as well. To promote music and art, we organized several performances to compete in school, allowing people to better understanded what we are doing and engourage more participant to join our stage. The first take will be released in May 31st, 2021, with the singing skill of Tony we will share with you the most excited moment on the stage.

欢迎来到2021年的首次Uthaloy take,这对我们所有人和参与者来说都是令人振奋的。为了推广音乐以及艺术,我们组织了几场表演来参加学校比赛,使人们可以更好地了解我们的作品,并鼓励更多的参与者加入我们。首支单曲将于2021年5月31日发行,凭借Tony(Y11)的演唱技巧,我们将与您分享舞台上最激动人心的时刻。


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