Celebrating University Offers – Class of 2021


UISZ is very proud of its Class of 2021! These students have been strong last year, during the pandemic, continuing to work hard on their IB Diploma even during online learning.


This year, they have applied to university and moved forward in pursuing their career interests.


As IB students, they have been able to apply to foreign universities in many different countries, from the United States to Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. Some students have planned to return to their home country, Korea, and others have applied to excellent institutions in Hong Kong.

作为一个国际文凭学生,他们能够申请不同国家的大学,从美国到加拿大,从澳大利亚到英国。一些毕业生计划返回他们的祖国,如韩国, 有些学生则申请了香港的优秀院校。

Part of our students have already received offers from the universities and have finalized their choice, while others are still waiting to hear back from these institutions.


We are very excited to see them moving on and will keep in touch with them through our Alumni association, Utahloy Alumni Association (UAA).



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