Class Of 2021 Achieve Excellent IB Results



Time flies!!! 2020-2021 School Year Comes to an End.

This exciting summer, this past Monday, we were pleased to learn the fantastic IB Diploma Programme results of the UISZ class of 2021.

今年夏天是一个振奋人心的季节!本周一,我们怀着喜悦的心情迎来了UISZ 本届毕业生在IB文凭项目中取得的出色成绩

Our graduates achieved a 100% pass rate and an amazing average of 35, we are above the global average of 33. The class of 2021 achieved a top score of 42 out of a maximum 45 possible points. Three of our graduates scored an incredible 40 or higher.


Congratulations to our graduates, and warm regards to their parents and guardians, and teachers who supported and encouraged them all those years.


Take off the best of luck in the future

Andrea Bozzetti
DP Coordinator

Congratulations DP students! Your resilience and dedication lead you to great achievements. The world is yours to explore, adapt and impact. Good luck on your new journey.


Sébastien Pelletier
Head of School

Dear parents and students,

The UISZ Board of Directors, its leadership team, Faculty and staff, want to acknowledge the phenomenal performance of its class of 2021 at the last IB Diploma Programme examinations.


100% of the Diploma candidates have passed the rigorous IB diploma with an average passing mark of 35 out of 45, with students scoring in the 40’s.  It places our school well above the World’s average of 33, a tremendous achievement for our fully inclusive school.   


The merit goes to our graduates of the class of 2021, their parents and guardians, as well as to their teachers, who, all the way from kindergarten, cared for, taught, nurtured, encouraged, and inspired them all along.

这份荣誉属于我们 2021届的每一位毕业生,属于他们的父母和监护人,同时也属于他们的老师,所有从幼儿园开始就一直关心、教导、培养、鼓励和激励着他们的老师。



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