Do you know Movember ? (Nov 2020)


Year 11 Students Luis and Jack were working on their CAS project as part of their DP requirements. They are raising awareness in connection to Movember (十一月大胡子月). 

Movember is a community of rockstars raising money, making a difference in mental health & suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Students and teachers that are participating will celebrate at the end of the month by shaving off their moustache or beard.



Movember (大胡子月),最初是一个由摇滚明星组成的群体,他们筹集资金,将捐款投入到精神健康和自杀预防领域,并为防治男性前列腺癌和睾丸癌做出贡献。



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