Final Year 12 Reports (Apr 2020)


Final year 12 reports

Dear Parents, Guardians and students,

As you will be aware, the IB DP examinations this year have been cancelled due to theworldwide closure of schools due to the Coronavirus. The IB has decided that students willbe marked on their Internal assessments, the predicted marks from school based on theirachievements over the last 2 years of the course and historical data. If you would like to findmore information about this, we recommend you visit the IBO official website

To ensure that all students have finished their Internal Assessments (IA) to a standard that isready to be sent to the IB, all students received an individual timetable that is effective fromthis week until 20 April. Students have been allocated extra time for those subjects wherethey have not yet completed their Internal assessments. This is their last chance to submitwork with the cancellation of this year’s exams, the IA is more important than ever.We would like to ask you to support your child in the completion of these tasks. For year 12we have not allocated a spring break and teachers will be continuously working with thestudents to ensure they have all the support they can get for the IAs.

This week students will receive their final report cards. Marks are based on students’ effortthroughout the year and their results for the mock exams.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

M.D.C. de GlopperCameron Forbes

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