Our Successful Opening of 2021 UIS MUN Summer Camp (Aug 2021)


Utahloy International School in collaboration with Utahloy Language Centre have had a successful start to the Summer Model United Nations Camp on July 26th – August 1st 2021. The students are exploring current global issues such environmental development and economic cooperation. Training has begun preparing students for Model UN conferences initially at the end of this camp but also looking forward for future opportunities. Outstanding delegates are eligible to be selected to participate in the conference in Beijing. This is a great opportunity for our delegates and they will be expected to represent UISG/UISZ with pride and act appropriately at all times.

誉德莱国际学校与誉德莱语言中心携手并进,于 2021 年 7 月 26 日至 8 月 1 日成功举办了模拟联合国夏令营。学生们正在探索当前的全球问题,如环境发展和经济合作。课堂训练已经开始帮助学生针对模拟联合国会议做好充足的准备。我们的努力不仅仅是为了该训练营,而且也是为了期待能够给孩子未来带来更多的机会。优秀代表将有资格参加北京的会议。这对我们代表来说是一个很好的机会。我们期待这些孩子能够代表 UISG和UISZ的学校,满怀自豪和骄傲地随时展现自我的风采。

When speaking with the students, Mr Sebastien Pelletier, the Head of UISZ school, expressed the importance of learning about such important international topics. Mr. WK Kwong, the host of Model UN summer camp also gave a brief introduction of Model UN and shared his experience on how to be the best delegate at the conference.

在给学生致词之时,UISZ 学校校长 Sebastien Pelletier 先生表达了学习这些重要国际话题的重要性。模拟联合国夏令营主持人WK Kwong先生也对模拟联合国会议进行了简要介绍,并分享了他在大会上如何成为最佳代表的经验。

Participants have been learning about the mission and function of UN and the structure of a Model UN conference. They have actively shared possible solutions on global warming and engaged in discussions around the conference theme of environmental protection.


There are still limited places available for interested students. Please register using the QR code above as soon as possible, come and join us.


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