Primary Parent Teacher Conferences (Mar 2021)


Primary Parent Teacher Conferences
March 26th, 2021

Dear Primary parents/guardians and students,

You are warmly invited to attend our second Parent Teacher Conferencewhich will be held at our school on Friday the 26th of March. In a Parent Teacher Conference (PTC) you will have the opportunity to meet with your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s progress. This will be a teaching free day, therefore only students who are attending the conferences with their parents or guardians should come to school..  ** Please also note there is no childcare on that day.


*NEW Primary PTC format 新的小学部家长会形式:

As we continue on our journey towards creating knowledgeable and reflective learners your child will be demonstrating student agency and leading the conversations about their learning on Friday! Students are, therefore, encouraged to attend these conferences with you so they can articulate their accomplishments and goals. Students will be asked ahead of time to reflect on what they have learned, and also think about what they find challenging. This will be framed as “Two Stars and a Wish” to provide some scaffolding for students. If students are unable to attend, the teacher will still have these documents available for reference.


Please find attached the “Two Stars and a Wish” framework that teachers will be using.

Please also be aware that you will be receiving an End of UOI summary report on March 24th via SeeSaw (just prior to the conferences). This Unit of Inquiry report can also inform the conversations you have on Friday.


*NEW Booking appointments 新的家长会预约途径:

This PTC we are aligning with our Secondary school moving forward and using School’s Buddy for appointment bookings.  (The same program you use for CCA’s). There will be detailed instructions sent regarding how to do this.

这次家长会我们将与我们的中学保持一致,并使用Schools Buddy进行预约。(与报名CCA一样的网站)。关于如何使用Schools Buddy预约家长会,会有详细的指示发送。

*NEW Y3-5 MAP information and results 新的3-5年级MAP考试信息和结果:

Year 3-5 parents and students will be able topick up their first round of MAP results and discuss what this data means for that child.  MAP assessment data will give you a thorough picture of your child’s learning, what they’re ready to learn, and the specific skill gaps they need to master.


There will be a general meeting for all parents of  Year 3-9 students from 2:00pm to 3:00pmin the theatre where leadstaff will talk about MAP as an assessment tool, and also how the data can further inform teachers and students about learning goals.


Transportation Arrangements 交通安排

On Friday March 26th for those parents who require transportation from various locations will be arrange with prior booking.

3 月 26 日(周五)需要校车接送的家长,请预约下列指定地点的校车:

1. Dynatown Westgate at 7:10 am
2. Moonbay Garden at 7:20 am
3. Phoenix City MacDonald’s at 7:30 am
4. Huizhou Jing Yu Bi Shui Wan at 7:10 am
5. Huizhou Dong SenHua Ting at 7:20 am

1. 从东莞星河传说西门到学校的交通安排:7:10 am 上车
2. 从东莞金月湾到学校的交通安排:7:20 am 上车
3. 从凤凰城麦当劳到学校的交通安排7:30 am 上车
4. 从惠州金裕碧水湾到学校的安排 7: 10 am 上车
5. 从惠州东森华庭到学校的安排7: 20 am上车

Returning buses will depart from UISZ at 3:05 pm. Please see the below schedule of the event below.校车将于下午 3:05 从 UISZ 离开。请查看下表的日程安排。

Arrangements for Boarding Students 住宿生安排

Boarders will have the option of departing on Thursday afternoon, March 25th at 3:35 pm to return home if their parents are not able to attend our Parent Teacher Conferences. The school will provide the usual return home arrangements in this case. Boarders whose parents will be attending parent teacher interviews will have the option to stay at school on Thursday night and return home with their parents on Friday. There will be no student buses on Friday.


Please note that Ms. Frances Ruan and Ms. Nina Li will be available to meet with the parents of boarding pupils as well in the morning.

请注意,住宿生的家长可以选择与Ms.Frances Ruan和Ms. Nina Li进行面谈(只限上午)。具体时间请您与宿舍相关老师联系。

In order to help the school better arrange your meals, transportation and provide translation, or let the school know if you are attending the PTC meeting, please be sure to scan the following QR code or click the link to fill in the relevant information.


If you have any questions about any of this please contact Ms. Yan Zhou at:

We thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to seeing you at these conferences.


Mrs. Jennifer Verontaye
Head of Primary
PYP Coordinator


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