Secondary Interim Reports & Parent Teacher Conferences (Mar 2021)


Interim Reports & Parent Teacher Conferences

Dear Secondary Parents and Guardians,

After a busy third quarter of the year we would like to invite you to our second Parent-Teacher Conference of the year. This is a chance for you to look at the work that your child has done in all of their classes and get feedback from each individual teacher.


Interim Reports中期报告

I would like to inform you that your child’s third academic report of the year, an Interim Report, has been published and is available for your viewing on ManageBac, from March 19th. This is the third of four reports that you can expect during the year.


This E-Report will be available for you to access through your child’s ManageBac profile. The PDF report can be found in their “Reports” tab on the right-side of their profile page. Alternatively, an email, which includes a hyperlink to this document, will be delivered to all parents. Please check your email inbox or your spam mailbox, as sometimes emails may be diverted.

您可以登入您孩子的 Managebac 中的 profile 中查看这份电子报告。您可以在 profile 页面的右侧的 Report(报告)中看到 PDF 版本。或者您也可以通过发送给家长的相关邮件中的超级链接登入。请检查您的收件箱或者垃圾邮件(有时邮件会被移到这里)。

If you have trouble accessing your child’s Interim Report, please do call the school and speak with Jackie Pei ( in our office who will be able to help you navigate your ManageBac screen to find your child’s report.

如果您有任何问题,请致电学校或者电邮给Jackie Pei (以获得相应的帮助。

Parent Teacher Conferences 家长老师见面会

Friday, March 26th is our second Parent and Teacher Conference of the 2020/2021 academic year. Parent Teacher Conferences are an important opportunity for you to discuss your son/daughter’s academic progress. This will be a teaching free day, therefore only students who are attending the conferences with their parents or guardians should come to school.

3 月 26 日(本周五)是我们2020-2021学年的第二次家长会。您可以利用这次重要的机会讨论您孩子的常年表现。本日没有教学活动,所以只有那些跟随家长或监护人参加家长会的学生才需要来校。

Students and teachers will have pre-arranged interview times during the day. Please make sure that your child arranges appointment times with their teachers for you. This registration process can happen through your students Schools Buddy account.

本次家长会需要学生自己和老师预约会谈时间,所以请务必敦促您的孩子跟老师们为您进行预约。所有学生需要通过 Schools Buddy 进行预约。

We strongly recommend that you bring a copy of your child’s E-Report, as well as any questions that you might have for the teachers or coordinators. We would like to encourage your child to attend the conferences with you as it is a valuable experience for them to be present at this conference as the discussion will revolve around their learning progress.


Diploma Programme Afternoon for Year 10 Students 十年级学生大学预备项目课程信息分享午会

It is that time of the year, Year 10 MYP students to select their DP Courses for the next two years. This is an important part of the transitional journey for all Year 10 students. It is highly encouraged that all Year 10 Parents and Students attend this session. Students and Parents will be presented with specific course information from our Diploma Programme Coordinator, Ms. Andrea Bozzetti ( She along with all the DP teachers will be available to help the students make the best course selection for themselves. This will take place from 14:00-15:00 and teachers schedules have been blocked off so that they can attend this session.

又到了一年之中10年级学生为他们未来两年将进行的大学预备项目课程选课的时间了。这对于所有大学预备项目的学生来说都是极其重要的过渡期。所以学校强烈建议所有10年级的家长和学生都来参加这次信息分享会。我们的大学预备课程协调员Andrea Bozzetti老师(将向学生和家长具体展示我们大学预备的相关课程。她也会和其他可以出席的大学预备项目的老师一起帮助学生选择最适合他们的课程。本次信息分享会将于下午14点至15点举行,我们也会暂时关闭这些老师可以参与家长会的时间,好让他们可以在下午按时出席大学课程信息项目信息分享午会。

Year 6 Map Data Collection 六年级学生MAP考试数据总结会

Year 6 Parents and Students will be able to pick up their students first round of MAP test data and discuss what this data means with our MYP Coordinator, Mr. Stuart Simpson ( If you are interested in getting your child’s data and learning about this assessment tool please book an appointment with Mr. Simpson. The assessments in the MAP set of tests will give you a thorough picture of your students learning, from how much they’ve grown, what they’re ready to learn, and the specific skill gaps they need to master.

参与此会议,六年级的家长和学生可以从我们中学项目协调员Stuart Simpson老师(那里得知自己的考试结果并与Stuart老师就这些成绩进行深入讨论。如果您想要知道您孩子的MAP考试结果并了解考试的评分细则,请您提前和Stuart老师预约会议时间。MAP考试的评分标准将为您全面分析孩子的学习现状,从他们有多少进步,他们准备好迎接什么学科的学习,到他们还差多少才能掌握相关技能,都能够通过MAP考试的结果中得到清晰的展示。

There will be a general meeting with Mr. Simpson from 14:00 to 15:00 where he will present about the MAP data and help answer any questions that you might have. This meeting will take place in room 14.


Transportation Arrangements 交通安排

On Friday March 26th for those parents who require transportation from various locations will be arrange with prior booking.

1. Dynatown Westgate at 7:10 am
2. Moonbay Garden at 7:20 am
3. Phoenix City MacDonald’s at 7:30 am
4. Huizhou Jing Yu Bi Shui Wan at 7:10 am
5. Huizhou Dong Sen Hua Ting at 7:20 am

1. 从东莞星河传说西门到学校的交通安排:7:10 am 上车
2. 从东莞金月湾到学校的交通安排:7:20 am 上车
3. 从凤凰城麦当劳到学校的交通安排7:30 am 上车
4. 从惠州金裕碧水湾到学校的安排 7: 10 am 上车
5. 从惠州东森华庭到学校的安排7: 20 am上车

Returning buses will depart from UISZ at 3:05 pm. Please see the below schedule of the event below.

校车将于下午 3:05 从 UISZ 离开。请查看下表的日程安排。

Arrangements for Boarding Students 住宿生安排

Boarders will have the option of departing on Thursday afternoon, March 25th at 3:35 pm to return home if their parents are not able to attend our Parent Teacher Conferences. The school will provide the usual return home arrangements in this case. Boarders whose parents will be attending parent teacher interviews will have the option to stay at school on Thursday night and return home with their parents on Friday. There will be no student buses on Friday.


To help us with catering for this event could you please email the below for to Jackie Pei at Please indicate on the slip below whether you require transport, translation and lunch. I look forward to seeing you on March 26th .

为了帮助学校更好地安排您的餐食、交通以及提供翻译,或者告知学校您是否参加此次家长会,烦请您务必扫描以下二维码填写相关信息,如果有任何疑问,您可以电邮 Jackie Pei or。 我们期待3月26日与您会面。


Gregory Peebles
Head of Secondary School


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