Supporting MYP students - letter for parents (Mar 2020)


Dear UISZ MYP Parents,

The last couple of months have been hard for everyone and filled with uncertainty, worries, isolation, limited freedom and unwanted changes in general.

Eight weeks of online learning are certainly a long time. The students we heard from have mentioned that some of the struggles they experience are managing time, motivation, distractions, balancing schoolwork with free time, keeping a healthy sleep routine.

As a Secondary Team, we wanted to send out some information to help you support your children. During the teen years, we expect them to be independent in their learning, but we know that they still need adult support in many areas, some students more than others.

We have structured this short document in a way that it matches the stages of the Inquiry Cycle with what you can do as a parent to support learning.

Inquiry stage:
exploration of new content with the teacher

  • Keep a schedule of your student’s live lessons in a common space, like the kitchen, to help them keep track of these meetings
  • Talk to them to understand if they need help to wake-up on time/go to sleep at a healthy time (10pm should be a good time during the week)

independent application of what is being learned

  • Ask your children to explain to you what they are working on (try your best to sound curious more than controlling)
  • Offer to listen to their ideas and projects: by explaining to someone else, your children will develop a clearer idea of the task they are working on and of the questions they still have
  • Be informed of the deadlines to help your student meet them


  • Help your student check that they are ready to submit their work
  • Ask them to tell you what they found interesting/fun/challenging about the work they just completed

We are very aware that from the last years of Primary school there is an increased request and need for independence. This independence sometimes goes together with an increased sense of accountability, sometimes with an increased refusal of support and supervision. Balance is key, not in the sense that you always have to be calm and sure about the right thing to do, but that you can alternate closer and looser supervision. If freedom and independence in school-work are followed by satisfactory results, that should encourage you to trust your student’s ability to self-manage. If the results show that they need more support and miss the routines available at school, than it is useful to offer more collaboration.

Again, moving to online classes has been at times stressful, for everyone, and we are grateful for all your dedication in supporting your children’s learning.

The UISZ Secondary Learning Support Team is here to support you and your students with their learning. If we can do anything to help, please feel free to reach out at the below email address. Respectfully,

Ms. Francesca Ferrari

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