The first week of UISZ Summer School summary 2021


The first week of summer school has come to an end. This week, our youngest learners had lots of activities that were centered to develop reading, math, art, and motor skills. We read books about animals and played games to build up animal-themed vocabulary. We sang songs, danced, learned and practiced basic math addition and subtraction functions, and carried out art and crafts.




Meanwhile, our senior students also practiced math, reading, language, and creative writing via a personalized learning approach. The goal of this week's program was to have students work for about 30-40 minutes on skills-based activities to keep sharp for the upcoming school year. The activities are designed to be a review of material from the past school year and have been pulled from our current reading and math series so they should be familiar to you and your child.


We also paid attention to keep our students fit and healthy by having sports activities every day.

We had our swimming classes and sport exercises that were all blended with fun and engaging games. 


We'd like to thank you for bringing your kids to school every day and thank our students for showing a great attitude toward all activities we did this week.


We are looking forward to seeing you all next week.



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