The Second week of UISZ Summer School summary 2021


The second week of summer school is over. This week was all about plants and trees. We learned about different plants, flowers, and trees. In art class kids were working on drawing beautiful patterns of nature, creating a big floristic frame.


In senior English class,students explored uses of medicinal plants from “Herball” journal that was created by John Gerard 400 years ago. Students described what medicinal plants looked like, the conditions they lived in, when they flowered. In Math class, senior kids practiced multiplication and long divisions functions imprinted within flowers.

在高年级的英语课上,学生们从 John Gerard 400年前创作的《Herball》杂志中探索药用植物的用途。学生们描述了药用植物开花时的外观和生长条件。在数学课上,高年级学生练习了印在花朵上的乘法和长除法函数。

In junior English class students studied different parts of the plants, learned related vocabulary and got to know names of some common flowers surrounding our campus.


Today, on Friday, we held an assembly to recognize each and everyone for their best performance in multiple areas. Our senior kids, created a story “Prince on his adventure” written by Annie Zheng and Ana Lico, who also set the scene and performed on the stage for our little ones. In the afternoon we closed our second week of summer school with the movie time and swimming pool party with popcorn and ice-creams in hands.

今天,星期五,我们举行了一次集会来表彰每个人在多个领域的最佳表现。我们高年级的孩子,创作了一个《王子历险记》的故事,该故事的作者是Annie Zheng 和Ana Lico。二位为我们的孩子不仅布置了场景并且也在舞台上进行表演。下午,我们手里拿着爆米花和冰淇淋,享受着电影时间和游泳池派对,结束了暑期学校的第二周。


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