UISZ Academic Year 2021-2022 : Welcome Back !


Dear parents, 

We hope that you are enjoying the summer months with your loved ones and that you had the opportunity to visit new areas during this break that is coming to an end. We are thrilled to inform you that our classes will resume this Tuesday, August 10, using the regular schedule.   

暑假时长数月, 我们衷心祝愿各位和自己的亲人去享受这一美好的时光,趁着这个假期机会,去探索新的地方。随着暑假逐渐走向尾声,我们很高兴地向大家宣布我校将在下个星期二,即8月10日,按照常规的计划正式开学。 

Our new teachers and returning teachers are currently actively at work to prepare for a new academic year full of promises. You will find below some basic information on the first day of school and beyond. 


COVID -19 Measures: Please send your child’s “health code” and “travel code” to the school bus WeChat group and own car WeChat. 


Your child teachers and timetable are available on ManageBac 


CIS/WASC/IB Accreditation: We are proud to inform you that UISZ has been re-accredited by CIS, WASC, and IB for the next five years.  

CIS/WASC/IB 认证: 我们很荣幸地告诉大家,我们UISZ学校已获得CIS、WASC和IB在未来五年内的重新认证。 

The organizations notably commended our students for being remarkably articulated and enthusiastic, the teachers and leaders to thoroughly commit to the betterment of the school, and for the Board to be engaged and supportive. It is a significant accomplishment that recognizes once again UISZ among the top International Schools. 


IB Results: 100% pass; once again above the world average.  Another good news came to us in July when we learned that our students achieved excellent results in their IBDP examinations. 100% passed their IB diploma, and three students got a mark of 40 and over. The average of 35/45 places our graduates above the world average. This is remarkable, especially for an inclusive, non-selective school. Congratulations to our seniors and to all teachers and parents who support them!  

IB成绩:100%通过率;再次超过世界平均水平。今年7月份,我校再获喜报,当我校学生在IBDP考试中取得优异成绩。 我校学生100%通过了他们的IB文凭,其中三名学生获得了40分及以上的分数。同时35/45的平均水平使我们的毕业生高于世界平均水平。这是非常瞩目的成绩,尤其是对于一所包容性的、非选择性的学校来说。祝贺我们的高年级学生和所有支持他们的老师和家长! 

New indoor pool: We are pleased to inform our community that the new indoor pool is now available and operational. 


It is located in the future Shimao Country Club for the exclusive use of our community and is accessible directly by a footpath between the school canteen and the pool. All security components and processes have been made satisfactory, and our students from the summer camp were the first to use the pool. Please note that the container pool, located next to the gym, is still functional. 


New desks and chairs for the secondary students: Students and teachers will be thrilled to discover their new learning equipment, lighter and better prone to collaboration.  

中学生的新桌椅: 学生和老师会很兴奋地发现他们新的学习设备变得更轻,更容易协作学习。

Would you mind saving the date for our annual afternoon play and UPAZ Welcome BBQ on Friday, August 20? All parents and students are welcome to join us for our annual get together. 

我们一年一度的下午游戏和UPAZ BBQ 欢迎会将定在8月20日星期五。若各位能在百忙中抽空出席,我们欢迎所有的家长和学生都出席参加我们年度聚会。

Once again, we are all thrilled and excited to welcome you back on campus this coming Tuesday.


We look forward to seeing you all next week.


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