UISZ Book Week 2021


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are delighted to let you know that Book Week this year will take place from the 29th of March to the Friday, April 2nd. We have planned many activities for PYP, MYP and DP students to participate.

今年的图书周将会在2021 年的3 月29 日至4 月2 日星期五举行。我们为小学部,初中部和高中部的学生们策划了许多的读书主题活动,并且学生们将会参与和领导今年的读书颁奖典礼。

Here is a summary of the programme:

Before book week: “decorate your homeroom/house room door competition”. Each class (in primary) and house (in secondary) is invited to decorate its door or display board around the theme: “One world, many stories”. A panel of teachers will be judging the classes/houses work, and an award will be given to the best door (one for primary, one for secondary).

在读书周活动开展之前: “装饰你的房间/房间门比赛”。我们将邀请每个班级(小学)和House 小组(中学)围绕“一个世界,很多故事”为主题来装饰宿舍门或展示板。一组教师将评判班级/房屋的装饰表现,并授予最佳门装饰奖(小学和中学分开颁奖)。



• Throughout the whole school, students will be practicing the “DEAR”, standing for “drop everything and read”, that will happen twice a day for the entire week for 15 minutes. Please encourage your child to bring his/her book to school, or to borrow one from our libraries beforehand.

在整个学校中,学生将练习“DEAR”,代表“丢下所有东西并阅读”这个概念,这将在一周内每天举行两次,持续15 分钟。请鼓励您的孩子将他/她的书带到学校,或提前从我们的图书馆借书。

• Throughout the week, a Book Fair will be held in the secondary library, presenting a variety of new books for kids of all ages (Si-No company). Please communicate with your child’s homeroom teacher about any money for the book fair you are sending with your child.

在整个星期中,将在中学图书馆举行书展,为各个年龄段的孩子介绍各种新书(Si-No 公司)。请与您的孩子的班主任联系,告知您为孩子准备的购书零钱。

Monday, March 29th and Tuesday 30th: students will have various books related activities in class.
3 月29 日,星期一和30 日,星期二:学生将在课堂上进行各种与阅读书籍相关的活动。

Wednesday, March 31st: Dress-up day! Dress up as your favourite book character / Whole school assembly.
3 月31 日,星期三:换装节!扮成您最喜欢的书本角色/这是一场全校集会。

• Announcement of the winners of the door competition

• Costumed parade and competition

• Booky Kahoot (interactive quiz) for the 4th to 12th grade students.
   4 至12 年级学生的Booky Kahoot(互动测验)

Thursday, April 1st: Dress-up day! Pajama Day + Read across UISZ – Year 9 students will read books to primary students.
4 月1 日,星期四:换装节!睡衣日+在UISZ 读书– 9 年级学生将向小学生读书。

Friday, April 2nd: don’t miss our Flea market in the afternoon (located in the gym).
4 月2 日,星期五:不要错过下午的跳蚤市场(位于体育馆内)。

More information to come about this special day.

Please, remind your child to bring his/her costume for our two dress-up days, as well as his/her favorite book. Book week is a celebration of books and reading and we thank you for supporting your children’s love of reading.

请提醒您的孩子在我们两个装扮日带上他/她的服装,以及他/她最喜欢的书。 读书周是读书和阅读的庆祝活动,我们感谢您支持孩子对阅读的热爱。

Yours sincerely,

UISZ Library Team
Utahloy International School Zeng cheng


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