UISZ EcoEdu Review 2021


UISZ successfully celebrated its 5th Annual EcoEdu Conference last Friday. In the morning session, the whole school gathered in the theatre to open the celebration, with a few surprise performances from our students. We had a chance to talk about the importance of climate literacy and environmental activism in general. In the afternoon, our students were engaged in several eco-related activities, such as gardening and crafting mini-toys in primary school, recycling, designing and crafting in secondary school. As part of the EcoEdu festivity, UISZ served Friday lunch with various vegetarian options to highlight the impact of meat production on our environment. As the last part of the event, the architect of our new campus, Thomas Chow, was invited to talk about the plan and progress of the building of our new school. He also highlighted the environmental conservation effort that is taking place to ensure that the new campus is developed sustainably.

Ms. Dina Tagaeva


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