UISZ IBDP Visual Arts Exhibition Review 2021


‘Observing Social Illusions’

Visual Arts students exhibited their studio works outside the school campus in Dongguan. The budding artists of UISZC assessed their spatial situation in the art gallery and planned their works meticulously. Avoiding procrastination by sticking to the plan to display the works according to their artistic intentions and social concerns were their primary objectives. Planning, preparing, designing the posters and banner, and ensuring logistics were all students’ responsibilities. This was the first endeavour for the UISZ Art students so exhibition spirit was noticed tirelessly. Creative stars demonstrated fantastic material compatibility, purpose of art, cultural connection, and spontaneous expressions of emotion in the show. They presented their artworks to the visitors confidently and experienced a connection between art and audience. The flow of the creativity and resonance of the artistic intentions were explicit in their multiple medias. The purpose of the final submission outside the school campus was to give them an experiential learning and understanding of the real-life context and feel a sense of success. We closed the show on 28th March 2021 and celebrated the success of the exhibition!


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