UISZ Lantern Design Competition Review (Feb 2021)


Although the north is snowy, Kapok in the south has quietly bloomed.


UISZ has always been adhering to the IB philosophy to facilitate teachers and students' understanding and experience of Chinese culture. Before the Spring Festival Holiday, our school's first lantern competition came to an end. In the past two weeks, children practiced by themselves and conveyed their understanding, blessings and expectations for the New Year upon their lanterns. They diligently explored, carefully painted, and have completed their individual works.


We displayed students’ elaborately made products in the theater. When the lantern is lit, we can see the joy in the eyes of the children and the hope for tomorrow in its glow. This hope leads us and gives us confidence , encouragement, and eliminates our fatigue.


The turbulent Rat year is about to pass, the wishful Ox year is coming. The festive season is approaching, and we hope UISZ family will be happy and prosperous in the new year!


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