UISZ Leading the Way in COVID-19 Prevention 科学防疫、精准施策-增城誉德莱国际学校在行动!


Dear Parents and Caregivers,

UISZ has been leading the way for international schools in the prevention of COVID-19. Forging a strong relationship with our local authority, Zengjiang Street, as well as the Guangzhou Education Bureau, we have worked on a safe reopening of our school.  


This was done, firstly, by following a staggered opening approach. We opened both our secondary and primary schools in two phases, which puts the safety of our students first. A staggered opening has allowed us, as well as the authorities to monitor the situation, put procedures in place as well as practice new routines step by step. Our Year 10 students, who have been at school more than two weeks now, have been instrumental in modeling safe strategies, distancing and hygiene to the secondary students who have started on Monday this week.  


We are consistently monitoring and altering our procedures and routines as needed. This is something we would not have been able to do without a staggered school opening, which would have put our students at risk.  


In addition, we have tested all our on-site staff prior to welcoming the first students back. This included: teachers, support staff, canteen staff, security workers, gardeners and all residents. Testing has also been made compulsory to all our returning students. UISZ has facilitated student testing for families who feel apprehensive about visiting a hospital at this stage. Results are shared with families and all testing is serviced by the school. These negative test results give us peace of mind and reassurance that our school and our community is safe!


UISZ is the top international school in the Dongguan region and our approach to the re-opening of school has demonstrated why we are the only school accredited by CIS and WASC and why we are the only school that is authorised to deliver 3 programmes of the IB.


We look forward to opening the UISZ campus for our Primary school students in years 4-6 on Monday.


Warmest Wishes,

Nicholas Evans

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