UISZ scheduled to open on Monday March 16, 2020


Dear UISZ Parents,

Members from the UEF Board met on February 18 for an emergency strategic meeting to discuss the reopening of the UISG and UISZ campuses. It was decided that UISG and UISZ campuses would not open before March 16. During the meeting the current situation of Corona Virus (Covid-19) in China and the recommendations from the extensive work being done by the Emergency Response Team (ERT) representing both UEF schools was reviewed. Board members considered the complex situation carefully, to ensure that the wellbeing of all as the primary importance. Both schools have demonstrated that teachers are able to offer meaningful online learning for all students. There will be another emergency strategic meeting before the end of February to review the situation. Information will be provided on when the school will reopen closer to March 16.


The ERT is monitoring the situation constantly, reviewing the World Health Organisation (WHO) updates and working with the Education Bureau to ensure the highest levels of safety possible when school resumes. In preparation, an Infection Control Plan (ICP) has been written.Your responsibilities will be communicated to you by our Health and Safety Officer, Estelle Douville. There are many checks in place regarding the health status of students and staff, increased hygiene measures and cleaning, and health reporting and strategies and procedures in response to any cases of the virus suspected in the school. Please complete the daily health check for students online as this is a requirement of the Education Bureau.

应急小组在持续关注疫情,遵从世界卫生组织的最新指导,并一直和教育局紧密联系,以便最大限度地保障学生复学后的健康安全。我们还制定了疫情防控计划,我校健康安全主任Estelle Douville会尽快发布给您。我们采取了一系列措施,其中包括确认师生健康状况、全校深度清洁消毒、最新健康报告、以及应对校内任何疑似病例的措施和流程。请家长务必完成教育局要求的学生每日健康状况线上调查。

 Both UEF Schools are engaged with e-learning with teaching taking place online. All UISZ teachers are working hard with their classes – designing and offering comprehensive and meaningful online programmes. Please support your child to ensure that they are engaged, managing their time well and having a balanced life. This is an opportunity for you to support and engage further with your children’s education during this difficult period. Please reflect on how your child is progressing and feedback your experiences to your child’s teachers. If you are experiencing any technical difficulties, please refer them directly to Chay Cheng and the ICT help desk.

两所誉德莱学校目前都在进行电子学习以及在线教学。增城誉德莱国际学校的所有老师都在认真负责地进行线上课程,以便为学生提供全面有意义的网上课程。请督促您的孩子认真参加课程、科学管理时间以获得更平衡的学习生活,同时您也可以借此机会在这特殊时期进一步支持和参与孩子的教育。请观察孩子的学习进度,并将您的经验意见反馈给孩子的老师。如果您遇到任何技术问题,请直接联系Chay Cheng老师和ICT咨询台。

Due to the deferred re-opening of the schools and to minimize any impact on IBDP and Year 10 MYP programmes for students who will be shortly taking external exams, the UEF Board is considering ways to support  these students, in particular, at such an important juncture in their schooling. You will be informed of those arrangements as soon as they are in place.


When the re-opening date becomes more certain, further information will be provided; the health and safety of all member of our community is paramount. At present, the UEF Board is not considering altering the published dates for the summer vacation.


Thanks to all parents for your support of the comprehensive online learning programmes offered to your children by our teachers and for staying positive. 


During this difficult time, our spirit is tested. Our qualities of resilience, strength of character and community spirit will bring us through this together.


I thank you all wholeheartedly for your support and understanding.


Kind regards,



Nicholas Evans
Head of School

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