UISZ Summer School 2020 (Mid Week 1)


Summer School- Mid Week 1 Parent Letter

July 9, 2020

Dear UISZ Summer School Parents,

Week 1 of our summer school programme at UISZ has gotten off to a splashing start, literally. Students have been engaged in Math, English, STEM, Arts, and many other fun but academically stimulating activities. I hope that your children are coming home each day from summer school with fun stories to tell. If you have any questions about the programme or would like to register your child for extra weeks of summer fun please reach out to me or to the Primary PA, Ms. Yan Zhou at yzhou@uiszc.org.

UISZ的暑期夏令营活动的第一周有一个活力四射的开始。学生们进行有关数学、英语、STEM、艺术和许多其他有趣并具有学术刺激性的活动。我希望您的孩子每天从暑期班回家时都能和您讲一些有趣的故事。如果您对该课程有任何疑问,或者想为您的孩子报名参加额外几周的暑期班,请联系我或小学部助理Ms. Yan Zhou(邮箱:yzhou@uiszc.org)。

The Early Years students have spent the last three days working in the early years building with Ms. Lydia and some teaching assistance. They have been doing some fun English activities and engaging in some play based learning. Every time I go into the building I see students smiling and engaging in various activities. It is a very busy space but it is obvious both learning and fun are happening. I look forward to seeing what the early years students get up to in the coming weeks.


In the primary programme the students have been engaging in both English and Math activities in the morning, with some fun STEM and sports activities in the afternoon. The most exciting activity we have engaged in so far has to be either our egg drop competition or our engineering project. In both activities students had to work collaboratively to solve problems and reach a common goal. Throughout this process they developed their thinking and inquiry skills while having fun, and making a mess in the process.


Finally we would like to invite you to a closing ceremonies this Friday at 2:30 in the theatre. Here we will celebrate the weeks’ worth of learning and fun. Students will get some certificates and there will be some snacks and drinks for all. If you are planning on attending this ceremony please inform myself or Ms. Yan Zhou.

最后,我们诚挚邀请您参加本周五2:30在剧院举行的第一周暑期班闭幕式。届时,我们将庆祝这周的学习和乐趣。学生们将会得到一些证书,我们也会准备一些零食和饮料。如果您计划参加这个活动,请联系我或Ms. Yan Zhou。

Warm Regards,

Gregory Peebles
Head of Secondary | UISZ
Director of Summer Programmes

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