The Third week of Summer School Summary 2021


Who doesn't love superheroes?! This  week was all about them, magnificent and marvelous ones, accomponied with super awesome learning activities . 


Throughout a week, students read about superheroes, watched movies and cartoons about them, discussed their powers and used knowledge of related vocabulary to describe their heroes.


In PE class, students practiced their super powers by jumping high like Superman, running fast with agility like Flash, dodging ball like Avengers and swimming under water like Aquaman. We also played catching ball on the water, tug of war and just chilled ourselves in the cool swimming pool.


In senior English class, students practiced modal auxiliary verbs to describe a hypothetical situation of being a superhero. In senior Math class, students were challenged with BIDMAS, long divisions and multiplications, as well as word problems.


In junior English and Math classes, our little ones played addition/subtraction board games, solved three piece matching puzzles, developed literacy skills with daily reading activities and learned vocabulary about superheroes.


In art class, students focused on building fundamental drawing skills. Students practiced basic techniques such as shading, contouring, composition, and drawing methods. Additionally, we explored how to see nature with an artist's eye and captured what we see on the board and paper.



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