UISZ Welcome to our New Teachers 2021


Head of Secondary

Mr. Mohammed Zawid Naseem

Thirty years ago, Mohammed was busy preparing himself to become a marine biologist. A twist of the task took him to the Maldives in 1999, in what was then the only A level school of the islands, and the budding Maldives National University.  


In 2006, Mohammed moved to the world of IB, working with a Qatar Foundation school, the Canadian International School in India, and later in China at the United World College (UWC) Changshu, and The International School of Rhodes of the Suzhou International Foreign Language School.  


Mohammed uses his time as an IB educator to volunteer for the IB Asia Pacific (IBAP) region. He worked with the IBAP as IB Recognition Ambassador for India and as an IB Educators Network (IBEN) member. As an IBEN member, he worked as a Consultant, School Visit Team  Leader for authorization and evaluation, and Workshop Leader. He has led IB regional and in-school workshops for different categories of subjects and themes such as Biology and DP Coordination.  


Curriculum and assessment design is Mohammed's passion, which he has used to develop contemporary curricula for schools in Qatar and China. Mohammed has led the accreditation (CIS/NEASC/MSA), evaluation, and program authorization initiatives of his schools during the past two decades as an educational administrator.

制定课程和评估教学是穆罕默德先生的热情所在,他为卡塔尔和中国的学校开发了许多与时俱进的课程。在过去的二十年中,穆罕默德先生作为教育管理者,领导了所任职学校的许多资格认证(CIS / NEASC / MSA),评估和负责授予教学许可。

Mohammed has a daughter who studies in Australia, and a wife who works as a School Counselor in Tianjin. Mohammed loves to go for learning expeditions, SCUBA diving, and playing golf when free and active.

穆罕默德先生有一个在澳大利亚学习的女儿,一个在天津担任学校咨询顾问的妻子。穆Economics and Business Teacher 经济与商务教师 Mr. Benard OpangaEconomics and Business Teacher 经济与商务教师 Mr. Benard OpangaEconomics and Business Teacher 经济与商务教师 Mr. Benard Opanga默德先生喜欢探险,学习潜水和在闲暇时打高尔夫球。

Economics and Business Teacher

Mr. Benard Opanga

Benard was born and raised in Kenya and this is his 13th year of teaching. His current academic standing is a B/ED (Business Studies &Mathematics) and a post graduate MBA (Finance) both from The University of Nairobi. He is also a Certified Public Accountant recognized by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya.


His teaching experience ranges from secondary to tertiary level in both Economics and Business Studies. He is well versed in both IB and CIE curricula. Over the years, he has closely guided learners in their Extended Essays and Internal Assessments in line with IBDP Economics as well as IBMYP Integrated Humanities.他的教学经验从中学到大学不等,包括经济学和商学。他精通IB和CIE课程。多年来,他一直密切指导学生进行符合IBDP经济学以及IBMYP综合人文学科科目的扩展论文和内部评估。

Benard actively takes part in cross country, track running, football, mentorship programs and played the role of an assistant coordinator for MUN. Benard先生积极参加越野赛、径赛、足球、导师项目,并担任MUN的助理协调员。

He looks forward to collaborating with UISZ staff to continue developing and implementing student-centered experiential teaching so that their full potential may be achieved. 他期待着与UISZ的教职人员合作,继续开发和实施以学生为中心的体验式教学,从而实现他们的全部潜力。

Benard believes in educating both the mind and the soul to prepare transformative long-life leaders for a sustainable fast-changing world, thus embracing Aristotle’s phrase ‘’The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” Benard先生相信思维和灵魂并驾齐驱的教育方式,可以为持续变化万千的世界培养变革性的长远领导者,因此他信奉亚里士多德的那句话:“整体大于各个部分的总和。”

He will be joined by his wife Eunice, and two children (Beauden and Laika).他会和妻子Eunice以及两位孩子Beauden 和 Laika一起加入我们。

Chinese Teacher

Ms. Yuan Ling

Ms.Yuan was born and raised in China. She graduated with a master degree of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages. Before she devoted herself to education world,she was working as a journalist for Japan Broadcasting Corporation which based in Beijing. A China-certified educator, she has experience of teaching  IBMYP&DP Chinese, School Supported Self-Taught Japanese A Literature etc. Outside of school,she enjoys reading, writing, learning languages, traveling. 


Chinese Teacher

Ms. Yolanda Yan

Yolanda Yan is a Master of Comparative Literature and World Literature. She has Mandarin teaching experience in a Confucius Institute and IGCSE tutoring experience in an international school of Thailand. She also worked at an international school of the Bright Scholar Education Group for three years. She is a MYP Chinese Language and Literature teacher there, as well as the ATL coordinator. Yolanda is a life-long learner, who will achieve her IB Certificate in Teaching and Learning of Diploma Programme this winter, which is trained by University of Toronto. 


Yolanda enjoys reading, doing crafts and traveling in her spare time. She’s obsessed with volunteering overseas especially. She has been to Thailand and Nepal to be a volunteer teacher in the past five years. She loves hand crafts, particularly weaving. Here is her and her crafts.


Secondary English Teacher

Mr. Dustin Robert Mattison

Dustin has been pursuing an international lifestyle since he was a student in the late1990s studying marketing and the Chinese language. He then worked in the international business world for 10 years, doing marketing for foreign companies in Shanghai and Chicago. Through this experience he learned what type of work gives him the most satisfaction. Naturally, he shifted his career focus to international education. For 9 years Dustin taught business English, marketing, classical logic, and supply chain management to university students in China. Most recently he earned his US K-12 teaching license and is looking forward to teaching at UISZ. 


Dustin is passionate about healthy living that is in tune with nature. In the mountains of Sichuan province. he built a small clay house using his own two hands. He also likes to do daily meditation and fitness exercises. Dustin hopes he can find ways to inspire his students become curious and eager to write their own scripts for their lives.


Secondary Korean Teacher

Mr. Jaemin Chung

Jaemin Chung’s favorite quote is “上善若水,水善利万物而不争。The greatest virtue is like water.” by Lao Tzu, which reminds him of being respectful of the community he connects with; students, parents, neighbors, and colleagues from different cultures and beliefs. He enjoys building a close relationship with his colleagues and students playing on the local netball team and badminton team.

我们新韩文老师名字是Jaemin Chung。他的座右铭是“上善若水,水利万物而不争”。这句话出自老子,喻义水具有最好的品质。这句话时刻提醒着他要尊重自己身边的人;尊重来自不同文化背景和持有不同信仰的学生,家长,邻居还有同事们。他很享受和自己的同事还有学生们交朋友,比如加入当地的网球还有羽毛球队,和他们一起打球。

Jaemin has taught Korean Language and Literature in public and international schools in Korea and Vietnam for more than 10 years. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Korean Education from Seoul National University. He is also qualified by Korean government as a middle and high school teacher.


As UISZ’s new Secondary Korean teacher, Jaemin is keen to engage with his students building on student-led lessons through various discussions and activities. His spouse Eunhae and his five-year-old daughter Hayden are also very excited to belong to UISZ community in China this summer!


Deputy Head of boarding and MYP Math Teacher
宿舍副主管及 MYP 数学老师

Ms. Holly Wilson

Holly is an American originally from Louisville, Kentucky.  She is the youngest of 9 children, and still has a brother and sister and families living in Kentucky, and another brother who lives in the UK.  Holly moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend Oral Roberts University, and has spent half of her life living in Oklahoma as well.   

Holly 女士是美国人,原籍肯塔基州,路易斯维尔。她是9个孩子中最小的一个,还有一个住在肯塔基州的哥哥、姐姐和家人,一个住在英国的哥哥。Holly搬到了俄克拉荷马州的塔尔萨,就读于奥罗尔罗伯茨大学,她的大半生也生活在俄克拉荷马州。

Holly holds a BS degree in Business Administration, an MA in Teaching Math and Business, and an MA in Global Leadership.  She also holds a Certificate from Harvard University in School Management and Leadership.  She is has served in numerous leadership roles in the US and China.   


Holly has been a classroom teacher for over 15 years in the private sector and public sector in the US as well as in China.  She came to China in 2017 to work for Kang Chiao International School in Kunshan (between Shanghai and Suzhou).  She taught Algebra II and was promoted to Coordinator in the 2nd year.  She was promoted in 2018 to Director of Academics for the International Department for KCIS’s new campus in Xi’an. 


Holly loves movies, cooking, traveling, Disney, and riding motorcycles.  She also loves getting together with friends and playing cards (Nertz – not poker).   


IBDP Physics and Maths Teacher
IBDP 物理及数学老师

Ms. Josephine Yumul Ballesteros

Miss Ballesteros holds a Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in Mathematics from Philippine Normal University and a Master of Arts in Education major in Educational Management from Northeastern University.  She also finished academic requirements in Master of Arts in Teaching Mathematics from Isabela State University, and is pursuing her Doctoral Degree Major in Educational Management at Northeastern University.  She is a Professional Licensed Teacher and a National Principal Qualifier. 


Ms Ballesteros started her teaching journey at Alicia National High School, a public school, following the presidential decree as a Mathematics and Physics teacher and quickly served as a district mathematics coordinator for secondary.  She headed Mathematics contests in the district and also prepared mock tests in Mathematics and Physics for the district in preparation for national examinations. This endeavor paved her class and other schools to top the National Achievement Test for Fourth Year (10th Grade).  As a recognition to her competence and expertise, commitment, dedication and passion for excellence, she was awarded as Most Outstanding Teacher on three occasions. 


Over the past years, was the Head Teacher of Integrated School, Quirino, Philippines and led an accreditation enabling the school to better respond to their specific education needs.  Throughout this time, with all the trust given by her school head, she helped and trained teachers not only in her school, but also other schools in another divisions.   


In 2019, Josephine decided to go to China at Kang Chiao International School, where she taught Geometry, Algebra 1 and Algebra II.  She developed the Algebra II curriculum in this school.   


Josephine has two sons both in College studying in Philippines, and a husband. She likes adventure, is a risk taker and loves watching, cooking and gardening. 

Josephine 和丈夫有两个儿子,都在菲律宾读大学。她是一个喜欢冒险,敢于冒险的人,喜欢考察、烹饪和园艺。

Athletics Director and PE Teacher

Ms. Chevonne Williams

Chevonne comes to UISZ with over 20 years of experience working in professional sports, collegiate coaching, sports administration, health, and physical education. She also received a full athletic scholarship to play sports as a collegiate athlete. She is a certificated physical education health prevention specialist, along with establishing youth athletic programs. Chevonne holds a Bachelor in Exercise Science and Wellness, Masters in Sports Administration, and a Masters in Physical Education. She has taught and coached various sports in the US, Qatar, Hong Kong, and China.



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