UISZ Welcomes Students Back on Campus (Apr 2020)


Dear UISZ Community,

It has been an exciting few days at UISZ as we were able to welcome back our Year 10 students to campus and into Dragon House. To reach this point has required the entire UISZ community making sure that we were able to meet the requirements of the Education Bureau. Due to the hard work of our teachers, staff, and whole UISZ Community we were one of only a handful of international schools in the Guangzhou/Dongguan area that were allowed to open. This was because we have such a dedicated staff that worked tirelessly to make sure we could open our doors as soon as we were permitted by the Education Bureau.

Desks maybe spread out further and the students and staff have to wear facemasks but the spirit of the UISZ Cobra Community is still strong and we are extremely excited to have students back on campus. We look forward to welcoming more students back in the coming weeks and hopefully having the entire school back.

Having students in the building has brought the life back to the school. Students being able to engage in hands on activities in the science labs as well they are able to participate in activities in the boarding house, these are things that cannot be replicated online. We have endeavoured to create a world class online learning program that follows the principles of the International Baccalaureate educational philosophy that the students are receiving, with that said, this time online has taught us that face to face teaching is impossible to replicate. Those relationships that are formed between teachers and students as well as between students and students can’t be recreated in an online setting.

We look forward to being able to re-forge those relationships with more students as we welcome them back in the coming weeks and the whole UISZ Community is excited to finally be able to open our doors again to students. Thanks again to all those that made that possible and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out.

Greg Peebles
MYP Coordinator

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