UISZ Y5 PYP Exhibition (June 2021)


PYPX means Primary Years Program Exhibition happened this year to our Year 5’s as a celebration of their learning. Each day of the exhibition journey was very important as the students tackled tasks from choosing a sustainability goal from the 17 goals of the United Nations to choosing their determined actions.



The task was very challenging to the students because out of their topics, they wrote their own central ideas and lines of inquiry. They used the GRASP method to make their action more relevant. G stands for their specific goal. R stands for their role in their group. There were three main roles: communicator, file keeper, and secretary. A stands for the specific audience of their chosen action. S stands for the situation that drove them to do the action they have chosen. P stands for the product of their action.



The UISZ Year 5’s also collaborated with the UISG Year 6’s who were also doing the exhibition to learn from each other. The Year 5’s traveled to UISG for two whole Thursdays for this collaborative learning. Other people who helped them along the way were their mentors, homeroom teacher, and the support of the whole school.




During the exhibition week, the Year 5’s did a remarkable stage performance that comprised an attention grabber stage play, talk show, action videos, and even songs they composed. In their comprehensive booths, they showcased their learning as they discussed their topics knowledgeably to their booth visitors and entertained them as well with activities they prepared.



PYPX truly was an exciting and rewarding journey to the Year 5’s. Along the way, they exercised all their approaches to learning skills and became more confident in conveying their message to others. They became more aware of their duties as global citizens as they share the planet with the world.

对于5年级的学生来说,PYPX 国际文凭小学项目的学习成果展确实是一个令人兴奋和有益的旅程。在这个过程中,他们练习了所有学习技能的方法,并对向他人传达他们的信息过程中变得更加自信。他们越来越意识到自己作为全球公民的责任,因为他们与世界共享同一个地球。


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