Welcome to Utahloy International School Zengcheng (UISZ), an International Baccalaureate World School which offers an exceptional education to boys and girls from countries around the world. Our philosophy of education centres on the development of the intellectual, artistic, creative, physical and emotional dimensions of each individual student.

UISZ is a caring and supportive community. We pride ourselves on the support offered to each individual student. Our highly trained teachers and small class sizes ensure that each student will reach their potential. Our school is truly unique.


The individual attention that each student receives, both academically and pastorally, enables our students to be amongst the highest academic achievers, entering leading universities worldwide. Our IB MYP and Diploma results are testament to the quality of education offered at UISZ.

Our boarding house has a capacity for up to 400, with numerous break-out spaces, music rooms, dance studio, fitness studio and seminar rooms for evening study. Our campus and school facilities include a design studio with robotics, science labs, visual arts studio, black-box performing arts studio, outdoor gymnasium with basketball and volleyball courts, Olympic sized swimming pool, tennis courts and football fields.

At the heart of our approach is the wellbeing of each child. We believe that by treating every student as an individual and unique learner, we are able to engage them, enhance their curiosity, their individuality, and their creativity.

One of the highlights of UISZ is its location. The school is situated in a botanical garden. The beauty and space of the campus is unique. Students are able to breathe in clean air, explore Turtle hill, and see their reflections on the lakes around campus. It is truly a special place. Our professional and caring teachers and beautiful location allows UISZ to provide a distinctive learning and developmental experience for all children, unmatched by any other school.

We welcome you and your family to come visit our school and experience the beauty for yourselves.

Warmest Wishes,

Nicholas Evans
Head of School


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