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Secondary Facilities...

UISZC is a unique school in that it is the only boarding school in Southern China set in 85 hectares of professionally groomed botanical gardens and surrounded by lakes; the school facilities epitomize Feng Shui. Our students enjoy a unique environment for an enjoyable learning experience.


The secondary school is an all purpose, custom built facility which also incorporates the main administration and accounts offices. Along with the spacious, air conditioned classrooms, which are designed for general subjects as well as having subject specialist facilities, the Secondary School building also houses two dedicated science laboratories, ICT Lab, Projector Room, medical centre, the School Welfare Coordinator’s office and an extremely spacious Library which contains books suitable for both Primary and Secondary students, along with a bank of computers.


Students have the added benefit of making the most out of our campus by having the music and art faculty, as well as the school Restaurant, located at the lake.


Together with the Secondary and Primary buildings, Utahloy International School has the following:



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