John Power - Senior Head of House
"It's nice to work in a small school community where students are valued as the central core. Small class sizes means I can be flexible and creative facilitating lessons and you can really see the impact of having a "loco parentis" relationship with the students here. The opportunities and developments of a holistic education keeps the job enjoyable and rewarding! "

Andrea Bozzetti - ESOL Coordinator
"I have been working at UISZ for the past 7 years, and it is a pleasure to be part of its growth. The collaborative leadership provides opportunities to enhance the instruction of teachers, build deep relationships with all stakeholders through understanding self-efficacy and building collective efficacy to deepen our learning together, demonstrating an awareness of community and promoting an engaging learning and teaching environment.

UISZ actively supports teacher’s academic development and gives its staff the opportunity to take new roles in their professional development. UISZ is an inclusive school where our mission of “enabling students to understand our world, act with integrity and strive with zest and courage to be responsible global citizens” drives all our actions making me very proud to be part of an institution that constantly works to create a better world through education. "

Paul Clevenger - Mathematics Teacher
"UISZ provides an intimate community in where an educator can grow. Many teachers at UISZ take advantage of opportunities to develop new skills and become involved in school leadership. Our student-teacher ratio allows teachers to have an incredible effect on the education of the whole student. Utahloy is for you if you are creative, driven and resilient."