Online School Uniform Sales Now Open


Schedule for onsite sales:

- Early Years (K to P): Available for sale from 14th August onwards at School Uniform shop.

- Primary (Year 1 - 6): Available for sale from 24th August onwards at School Uniform shop.

- Secondary (Year 7 - 10): Available for sale from 1st September onwards at School Uniform shop.

Kindly note that winter items and caps will not be available for sale at this moment, we will inform you when they are ready for purchase. Students can wear their own caps for now, till further notice.

UISZ School Uniform FAQs

  • 1. When will school uniforms for K to Year 10 be available for sale at the school?
  • 2. As uniforms may not be available for all students on the first day of school,
    can my child wear their own clothes until uniforms are available for sale?
  • 3. Can I buy all uniform items at school?
  • 4. Does my child need to change to Winter uniform during the cold weather?
  • 5. Can I pay for uniforms with credit card or WeChat, and where is the shop located?
  • 6. Can I exchange uniform items if they have not been worn?
  • 7. Am I required to write my child’s name on all uniform items?
  • 8. On PE days, can my child come to school in the PE uniforms?
  • 9. What kind of shoe and socks should I purchase for my child?
  • 10. What about school bags?
  • 11. What do students in Year 11 and 12 wear?

  • Please find the purchasing schedule for school uniform above.

    Once items are in stock for each section, you can:

    - Come to School and purchase uniform in person. Items can be tried on for size before ordering.
    - Place an order using an order form which will be sent out to all students before date of sale.
    - Please note that the school will allow a few weeks for the changeover, with all students expected to be in full uniform after the October holiday break (11th October).

  • Yes, students may wear their own clothes and follow the Year 11 and 12 Dress Code.

  • All items as detailed in the Uniform Booklet (except black shoes) are available for sale at the school uniform shop. For your convenience, black socks and girl’s stockings will be sold as well, but can also be bought outside of school.

    Kindly note that the current PE uniform will continue to be used, and can be bought at the school shop as well.

  • This depends on weather conditions and personal needs. In cooler or cold weather, your child may choose to change over to warmer uniform items. Please refer to the Uniform Booklet for images. Winter uniform will be in stock at a later date. Information will be sent as to when you can purchase these items.

  • Unionpay can be accepted for online booking. For onsite sales, only cash is accepted. The school uniform shop is located in the Administration Building, open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.

  • Yes, you may exchange them within 7 days of purchase, but the item cannot be worn or washed and the original tags must not be removed. Please provide your original receipt.

  • Yes, it is good practice and encouraged so that they can be returned to the rightful owner if found.

  • It depends on what year your child is in.

    Early Years and Primary: Students are permitted to come to school in PE uniforms only on days when they have PE.

    Secondary: PE uniforms are permitted only in PE class. Students must change into PE attire before lessons, and back to uniforms after the lesson. If PE is in lesson 1, they can come to school in PE uniform and change after.

  • Black lace-up shoes, black athletic shoes with white/grey/green trim, black ballerinas (closed toe, closed heel) is allowed. No sandals, flip flops or skate shoes are permitted. All shoes should have backs or secure straps on back of shoe for safety and always remain tied. Black socks must be worn. They can be purchased at the uniform shop or outside of school.

    On PE days, black sports shoes can be worn (white/grey/green trim is allowed).

  • You may purchase your own school bag. The bag must be appropriately sized to fit school files and books, with pockets for water bottles/other items.

  • Year 11 and 12 students are role models for our younger students. Year 11 and 12 students have the option to wear school uniform or to choose their own clothes for school. The Dress Code will be sent to all Year 11 and 12 students by email.