Utahloy Alumni Association (UAA)

The Utahloy Alumni Association (UAA) was founded in 2015. The original objectives of the UAA are to strengthen the bond between the Utahloy graduates from around the world, to embrace the Utahloy spirit and to serve the community.

From now on, you will be able to access the most up-to-date information on all our latest events, development highlights, and much more in the UAA website http://www.utahloy.com/gz/alumni/index.html. We will bring you the best networking opportunities in both personal and career-related areas.

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To develop and strengthen ties between our Alumni and UEF by providing diverse tangible benefits including career services, networking opportunities, special events and workshops, and the opportunity to connect with and inspire students and graduates; and, to engage Alumni with future goals, in order ensure that each individual feels welcomed and valued as a member of the Utahloy community.

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Our heartfelt best wishes to all Utahloy Alumni!

Dear Alumni,

Schools across the world have never been impacted like this before. The pandemic has fundamentally changed education – most schools have switched to online classes and some have been forced to suspend face-to-face classes next academic year for the unforeseeable future . At Utahloy, we are most excited to celebrate our success in already starting the new school year with face-to-face learning in mid-August 2020.

Utahloy’s modern dynamic style of education enables all of you, our Alumni, to be well-developed and prepared for life as a global citizen in a multicultural world. To stay connected with the Utahloy community and to recognize the achievements of our graduates and students, you are cordially invited to share with us your recent updates as well as your success in education and career advancement. We would like to hear about any examples of: excellence, leadership, innovation and contributions to the social, cultural and economic well-being of society. Please kindly take a few minutes to complete this form and return to us by Friday 28 August 2020. You are also welcome to send us photos or text in addition to this e-Form (Email: angelacheng@utahloy.com).

Your brilliant achievement will be publicized on the social channels and our students will definitely be inspired and benefit thanks to your sharing.

Thank you very much for your continued support to our alumni.
Stay safe and get connected.

Utahloy Alumni Association


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Our heartfelt best wishes to all Utahloy Alumni !
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